The Utah Stonewall Democrats work on a variety of issues related to equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and families.

What We Can Do

  • Fight for LGBT civil rights
  • Educate and lobby Utah Democrats
  • Help elect and support Democratic candidates
  • Promote favorable legislation
  • Organize support for bills that will benefit Utah's LGBT communities and families
  • Oppose unfavorable legislation that would attack or restrict LGBT civil rights
  • Keep you informed about key legislative initiatives and Democratic party activities
  • Monitor the political activities of our opponents
  • Educate the public and the media about our issues
  • Debunk the myths and the negative stereotypes about LGBT people

What You Can Do

  • Vote Democratic
  • Become an Active Member of Utah Stonewall Democrats
  • Join our Information Network by giving us your email address
  • Participate in Party-sponsored events and activities
  • Support our candidates
  • Become a Stonewall Volunteer
  • Individually lobby your state legislators
  • Tell your friends about the Utah Stonewall Democrats
  • Be a positive influence in your community

Become a Member

We want you to become a member to support the work of electing GLBT-friendly candidates.

Act Blue - Contribute to Utah Stonewall Democrats

LGBT Organizations

For political, social, support, and other events, please check the following sites:

Utah Pride Center

Equality Utah

Utah Democratic Party

Restore Our Humanity

Utah AIDS Foundation

Southern Utah Stonewall Democrats

The Cole Project